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UF Community Tutoring offers one-on-one tutoring to University of Florida students and the local community.  Please note that Tutors on Tutor Matching Service (TMS) do not work for the University of Florida and are self-hired private contractors. The University of Florida does not employ nor endorse the TMS tutors.  However, each tutor appearing on the University of Florida page has had a criminal background check, confirmed connection to UF (student, alumni, etc.) and has completed online tutor training.  The service is provided as an opportunity for additional tutoring option. Each participant will enter into an exclusive contract between themselves, Tutor Matching Service (TMS), and the private tutor.  Students and family members are urged to read and follow the TMS terms of service carefully in order to get the best experience.

Additional Tips and Considerations for a Successful Tutor Match:

  • Tutoring sessions should always occur in a public place that is visible.
  • The doors should remain open when tutoring sessions occur in a meeting room, conference room or at a personal home.
  • Minors should be in the presence of at least 2 adults. Families are encouraged to be present during tutoring sessions.
  • Minors should not be left alone with a tutor.
  • Information about reporting abuse, neglect with a minor can be located here:
  • Parents and Guardians of minors under 18 are strongly encouraged to review Participant Release, Consent, and Waiver of Liability