U Matter Ambassadors

With over 70,000 Gators and not 1 to spare, the U Matter, We Care initiative serves as a recognizable umbrella for care related programs and resources for those in distress. U Matter, We Care extends UF’s caring culture by educating our community about signs and symptoms of distress and providing those in distress the appropriate resources.

The U Matter Ambassadors are a group of student leaders who are dedicated to supporting their fellow Gators and to spreading awareness about the U Matter, We Care initiative to other students across campus.


Current UMAs

Omarley Spence - Executive Director

Economics and Family, Youth and Community Sciences | ospence@ufl.edu

Laughter, drive, Beyoncé fan

“I love being a U Matter Ambassador because I am in love with the power this initiative has to change the lives of others.”

Raymund Gaviola - Membership Director

Biology | rgaviola0326@ufl.edu

Positive, Laid back, Creative, Genuine, Eclectic

“Taking care of yourself is something that many people in our day and age don't emphasize. I love being an UMA because our organization serves our community as an outlet and resource that allows them to practice self-care.”

Katelyn Sakasegawa - Events Director

Psychology | ksakasegawa@ufl.edu

Chill, compassionate, fun

“If I could give one piece of advice to my fellow UF students, I would tell them: get involved! And step outside of your comfort zone. UF has so many different clubs and organizations to be involved in and you never know what hobby or activity you might pick up.”

Dakota Stanford - Marketing Director

Business Finance | dakotastanford@ufl.edu

Energetic, intentional, caring, hungry

“ I love being a U Matter Ambassador because I enjoy helping others and spreading awareness of love and understanding. ”

Chanice Howard - Mentorship Director

Anthropology & Women Studies | howac15@ufl.edu

Passionate, optimist, driven

“ My favorite quote is: ‘Sometimes your only transportation is a leap of faith.’ ”

Hayley Giambalvo - Programming Director

Biology | hgiambalvo@ufl.edu

Smiling, engaging, approachable, adaptable, motivated

“I feel like I am able to help others because I am understanding and can relate to them. I'm also very empathetic towards others.”

Caline McCarthy - Coordinator

Nutritional Sciences | calinesmccarthy@ufl.edu

Runner, mindful, sarcastic, realistic

“I love being a U Matter Ambassador because I'm super excited to bring consciousness to the unlimited number of resources that we all have access to but so few people use.”

Darien Soares - Coordinator

Psychology and Criminology | bugg98@ufl.edu

Extrovert, optimistic, hype, empathetic, funny

“If I could give one piece of advice to my fellow Gators, I would tell them: don't be afraid to reach out to people because you'll never know about the friends you can make.”

Emily Crowell - Coordinator

Biology, Pre-law | ecrowelle@ufl.edu

Authentic, loyal, witty

“The best thing about UF is the community. I LOVE the farmers market on Wednesdays, hearing Century Tower ring, and ordering Midnight Cookies at 1 AM.”

Erick Esquerete - Coordinator

Applied Physiology and Kinesiology | eesquerete@ufl.edu

Dancer, Netflix, enthusiastic, candy lover, big smiler, "the most"

“If I could give one piece of advice to my fellow UF students, I would tell them: take advantage of all the opportunities UF has to offer! Get involved, meet new people, create long-lasting friendships, and remember that the gator nation is everywhere.”

Grace Ryan - Coordinator

Accounting | graceryan@ufl.edu

Adventurous, passionate, funny

“My favorite quote is: 'Don’t judge life on the number of breaths you take but on how many moments take your breath away.'”

Hannah Lamberg - Coordinator

Psychology and Minor in Mass Communication Studies and Sustainability | hlamberg@ufl.edu

Funny, ambitious, memorable, outgoing, hype

“I love being an UMA because I can really impact fellow gators firsthand. This provides a hands-on experience.”

Janice Nieves - Coordinator

Management | janicenieves@ufl.edu

Ambitious, easygoing, passionate

“My proudest accomplishment is making my parents proud!”

Laura Harms - Coordinator

Psychology and Sustainability Studies | lharms33@ufl.edu

Dedicated, genuine, personable, obersvant

“The best thing about UF is the amount of opportunities here on campus and off. Also all of the free t-shirts.”

Lillian Hassanein - Coordinator

Biology | lhasss8@ufl.edu

Passionate, driven, dab-enthusiast, sushi-lover

“I love being an UMA because it is my way of giving back to the incredible university and helping the student body.”

Livia Katroshi - Coordinator

Political Science and Economics | lkatroshi@ufl.edu

Passionate, loving, caring, and funny (I think)

“I'm super passionate about chicken wings! (or puppies)”

Matthew Marvar - Coordinator

Economics | mmarvar@ufl.edu

Witty, motivated, aware

“I love being a U Matter Ambassador because I love to listen and provide support to everyone I interact with.”

Nathaniel Miller - Coordinator

Economics and Statistics | nsmille3@ufl.edu

Ambitious, exuberant, sensible, comical, gucci?

“I love being in UMA because feeling out of place was a big worry of mine coming to UF from out of state. I want to ensure that other Gators can avoid that worry.”

Noelle Patnik - Coordinator

Criminology and Law | npatnik@ufl.edu

Friendly, caring, fun, enthusiastic

“If I could give a piece of advice to the world: always reach out to others, you never know whos going to be able to help.”

Salma Sofia Campos - Coordinator

Health Education and Behavior | sofia96@ufl.edu

Sarcastic, open-minded, creative, adventurous, colorful

“My proudest accomplishment: after having 5 intestinal surgeries when I was an infant, I was able to prove the Army wrong on being physically capable of withstanding their physical fitness standards. In the end, I became the first in my family to be a military service member.”

Sana Adalsha - Coordinator

Health Education and Behavior | sadalsha@ufl.edu

Sassy, indecisive, caring

“If I could give one piece of advice to my fellow UF students, I would tell them: just enjoy the moment. I feel that we often dwell on how we don’t know where we would want to end up and where our future careers may take us. But it's so important to just enjoy the moment. ”

Sarah Masten - Coordinator

Applied Physiology and Kinesiology | sarahmasten@ufl.edu

Smiley, understanding, passionate

“ My favorite quote is: ‘In the end, just three things matter: how well we have lived, how well we have loved, and how well we have learned to let go.’ -Jack Kornfield ”

Taylor Prentice - Coordinator

Nursing | taylor11496@ufl.edu

World traveler, dog lover, owl obsessed

“ My favorite quote is: ‘ Don't let anyone dull your sparkle ’ because no one should ever make you feel like you aren't wonderful. ”

Tiffany Le - Coordinator

Health Science | tiffany135@ufl.edu

Passionate, active, caring, funny, will-feet-up-for-tea

“My favorite quote is: 'For what it’s worth: It's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you find that you're not I hope you have the strength to start over. '' - F. Scott. Fitzgerald”

Allison Sherman

Elementary Education | allisonsherman@ufl.edu

Loyal, dog lover, mermaid wannabe

“My favorite quote is: 'I wonder if king sized sheets are called presidential in England'; it’s a great question!”

Alyssa McEwen

Health Education and Behavior | amcewen@ufl.edu

Compassionate, thoughtful, happy, adventurous

“My proudest accomplishment is being the first in my family to go to college.”

Amber Nguyen

Nutritional Sciences | AmberPNguyen@ufl.edu

Extra, edgy, daring, gym-addict

“A piece of advice I would give to UF students is to be confident in everything you do.”

Andrea Olave

Health Education and Behavior | andreaolave@ufl.edu

Hard-working, Responsible, and Easy going!

“My favorite quote is: 'We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.' -Buddha”

Aria Nawab

Family, Youth and Community Sciences | inawab123@ufl.edu

Trustworthy, extrovert, friendly

“My advice for UF students is to take advantage of all of UF's resources - make sure to have UF be your best four years yet!”

Brett Taylor

Drawing and Biology | bretttaylor742@ufl.edu

Positive, creative, passionate, cheeseburger enthusiast

“If I could give advice to the world, it would be to look from the perspective of others. ”

Brittany Burkhamer

Theatre | baburkhamer@tampabayorr.com

Compassionate, energetic, optimistic, artistic, the "mom-friend"

“The best thing about UF is the diverse group of individuals here, and the sense of community despite the size of our school.”

Brooklyn Irwin

International Studies | bjirwin@ufl.edu

Caring, hardworking, active

“My favorite quote is: ‘Just breathe. Don't drown your heart.’ I like this quote because it reminds me to live in the moment and not let everyday struggles weigh too heavily.”

Cameron Wong

Economics | cammyalex@ufl.edu

Smile enthusiast, Martha Stewart wannabe, half Chinese, rad tour-giver

“My favorite quote is: ‘If you're good at something, you'll tell everyone. If you're great at something, they'll tell you.’ I believe in being humble but also proud of your accomplishments.”

Claudia Cruz

Biology | claudiaacruz@ufl.edu

Resilient, Netflix-fanatic, witty, sarcastic, feminist

“The best thing about UF is the amount of opportunities available. You can do anything you want, from research, to fencing, to mentoring.”

Daniela Pardo Moreno

Psychology | dany.pardo@ufl.edu

Dog lover, traveler, enthusiastic

“My favorite quote is: 'We accept the love we think we deserve.' I like this quote because I believe it is very true.”

Danielle Randle

Civil Engineering | dmrandle@ufl.edu

Bubbly, active, positive

“If I could give advice to UF students, I'd tell them: stay ahead of your school work, but always remember that school doesn't define you.”

Destino Roman

Biology | tostito725098@ufl.edu

Listener, friendly, compassionate, extrovert

“I love being in UMA because it gives me the opportunity to create change in my community.”

Emory Shelton

Family, Youth and Community Sciences | cemory@ufl.edu

Silly, fun, kind

“My favorite quote is: ‘ To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.‘ -Oscar Wilde.”

Jackie Brenner

Political Science | jbrenner1@ufl.edu

Kind, passionate, understanding, energetic

“One thing that I am extremely passionate about? Brunch!”

Jamie Tompkins

Exploratory Social and Behavioral Sciences | jtompkins18@ufl.edu

Ambitious, sincere, driven

“The best thing about UF is that the sunsets are always orange and blue.”

Juan Fernandez

Statistics and Economics | juanfernandezz@ufl.edu

Dedicated, futuristic, sushi-lover, passionate

“The best thing about UF is that you get to meet so many great people who will all make an amazing impact on your life.”

Juliana DeFaria

Marketing | julianadefaria@ufl.edu

Positive, smiley, passionate

“I enjoy being a U Matter Ambassador because I love all of my fellow gators and I want all of them to feel cared for and happy.”

Kara LeFebvre

Architecture | klefebvre@ufl.edu

Spontaneous, artist, pal, passionate

“If I could give one piece of advice to the world: "Just DO it" -Nike; but seriously, restlessly pursue what it is you love.”

Kathy Lee

Digital Arts and Sciences Engineering | thekathyless@ufl.edu

Artistic, Disney-fanatic, loves dark chocolate

“'I would rather die of passion than boredom,' is my favorite quote because there's so much to be excited about in life, and Van Gogh rocks.”

Kevin Arneus

Psychology and Sustainability Studies | Kaarneus96@ufl.edu

Extroverted, understanding, family-oriented

“If I could give advice to UF students, I would say: always live each day like a sunflower, and you will shine brighter.”

Kinnidie White

Political Science and Anthropology | white15@ufl.edu

Sunny, driven, creative

“'Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.'' - Malcolm X // I was raised to respect everyone except for those who refuse to respect others. Encroaching on someone else’s well being is unacceptable.”

Lauren Cassell

Special Education | lcassell4@ufl.edu

Caring, kind, friendly

“I love being a U Matter Ambassador because I love spreading the message that every gator counts. Spreading positive messages and making people happy makes my day.”

Maia Schulte

Public Relations | maiaschulte@ufl.edu

Posititve, strong, hard-working, dreamer

“I love being a U Matter Ambassador because I enjoy having the platform to give back and really help the UF student body.”

Miguel Raya

Construction Management | rayam@ufl.edu

Positive, communicator, zealous, activator

“My favorite quote is: 'Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.' - Anthony T. D'Angelo”

Morgan Coffey

Dance and Applied Physiology & Kinesiology | morgancoffey@ufl.edu

Passionate, responsible, and outgoing

“If I could give advice to other UF students, I would tell them: stay true to yourself and keep striving to be the better version of yourself.”

Morgan Randle

Mechanical Engineering | mrandle2017@ufl.edu

Funny, Interesting, Explorer

“If I could give advice to other UF students, I would tell them: don't be afraid to try a million things. Some won't be for you and you'll walk away. But when you find the thing that clicks, you'll change for the better - more than you could ever imagine.”

Nahal Khamisani

Psychology | nkhamisani@ufl.edu

Poet, affectionate, kind, intentional

“My favorite quote is: 'You are not your roots. You are a flower grown from them'- Pavana; Challenge yourself to grow.”

Nicole Caballero

Psychology, Pre-med | nicolecaballero@ufl.edu

Driven, optimistic, compassionate, outgoing

“My favorite quote is: 'You don't get to choose where you come from, but you can choose where you go from there.'”

Olivia Stewart

Advertising | olivia.stewart13@ufl.edu

Funny, competitive, energetic

“My passion is to make people laugh. Jokes and making hard situations lighter are what I love to do.”

Philip Martin

Health Education and Behavior | Philipmmartin@ufl.edu

Encouraging, passionate, committed

“My advice for UF students is to trust the process and be addicted to improvement.”

Sydney Beim

Environmental Geosciences | sydneybeim@ufl.edu

Friendly, bubbly, responsible

“My favorite quote is: ‘Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if you only remember to turn on the light.’ -J.K. Rowling. I like it because it's very positive.”

Tala El-Ghali

International Studies (Political Studies) | talaelghali@ufl.edu

Food critic, comedian, patron of the arts

“I love being in UMA because I get to make an impact on peoples lives through my own experiences.”

Taliah Rodriguez

Criminology and Law, Political Science | taliahrodriguez@ufl.edu

Drive, passionate, kind, dog person, cupcake aficionado

“My one piece of advice for the world would be to live the life that the 10 year old version of you would be proud of. ”

Teddi Bowman

Psychology | theodorambowman@ufl.edu

Compassionate, down to earth, supportive, "old soul"

“The best thing about UF? Everything- awesome campus, diverse student culture, history, lots of tradition!”

Veronica Paz

International Studies (Middle East) | veropaz@ufl.edu

Passionate, driven, compassionate

“I believe a trait of mine that helps others is listening. I am quiet but firm in my belief that every person deserves someone to be there in tough moments.”